drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Revisting Dumping the 22nd Ammendment.

Hey kids, maybe now is time to confess that the SKANK of stopping FDR at all costs, even IF he is dead, was probably the start of the drift to the stoopid!!!

So what has america really gained by keeping the 22nd ammendment?

Wouldn't americans have fealt better if Dubya had run against Clinton in 2000?

Wouldn't americans have fealt better if Dubya had run against Obama in 2008

Wouldn't americans have fealt better if Reagan had run against what was that guy's name... You know, the guy who lost to Bush Sr....

Wouldn't Americans have fealt that much safer if Ike had run in 1960 rather than Tricky dick....

So what have we really gained in all of these years by trying to prevent FDR...

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