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But which did they mean to up hold....

What I find really FUNNY amongst the NeoConClownCarCrew is that they want to have this majikal "hollow government", where the purpose of government is to spend the tax payer dollars on the only acceptable thing, the DOD, which is itself, a hollow institution, about passing out the tax payer dollars to no-bid contractors, so that after the troops have blead getting into a nation, the contractors will be able to make a profit because of the Cost Plus no bid contracts, while alienating the indigenous population and driving them into armed uprising, that the neoCons would understand, if their patriotic rhetoric were to allow them to actually conceive of a personal obligation that was not merely the manifestation of the financialization of the market.

But of course those freaking draft dodgers never want to work it through as to HOW they justify their Mythos about the American Armed Forces, and the reality that they actually support!!!

The system would make sense IF they were willing to finally make their ultimate leap of faith into the Happy Land of Milton Friedmanisms, and admit that the purpose of the DOD/InternalSecurityApparat, is to crush any opposition that can arise to privatization, and to do this by strictly privatized means....

But that would mean admitting that the problem with the VA, is that it had been intended to deal with the great body of Returning GI's from "the great war", since clearly the 'greatest generation' deserved the due regards, { for slow readers, recall that the first RIOT on the mall was a Veteran's Riot, from the Bonus Marches, when DougOutDoug charged Tanks and Cavalry into the vets to remind them of their place... } but for the VA to exist, it would mean accepting that there exists some non-financializable values, that are not merely the Imaginary Foote of the Market Knee Jerking about Profits...


Why this way would mean that there are some sort of limits to privatization....


Why that would mean that there was some reason to have a Federal Government - and it might be related to the process of national security, in some way that was NOT merely about transferring the tax payer's dollars to the Homeland Security Investor Bubble!!!

OH ME! OH MY!!! What Ever Will We DO!!!

OH NO!!! Now governance would be about, uh, governing!!! And not merely about ABUSING THE TROOPS as an excuse for transferring the tax dollars from the whiners to the Homeland Security Investment Bubble...
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