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More worth the serious thot

One way to understand Keynes's General Theory is that Say's Law is false in theory but that we can build the running code for limited, strategic interventions that will make Say's Law roughly true in practice. The modern Ametican liberal economist's view of libertarianism is much the same: libertarianism is false in theory, but it is very much worth figuring out a set of limited, strategic interventions that will make the libertarian promises roughly true in practice.
[ cf Modern Liberalism and Libertarianism: An Economist's View ]
Ah yes, the sobriety moments...

Ah yes, IF only Friedmanesque Theology were Truthier, even after the torture chambers were torn down...

Thank GOD we protected the Iraqi from the unpleasantry of Abu Ghraib, and the ongoing crisis that the americans are not sure what to do with all of the other detainees who may not be the sort of folks we would want to hand over to an iraqi government that felt that an iraqi government should be allowed to dictate terms about what american troops can and can not do...

So yeah Libertarians, remind me again, where DO you want to get your boots, now that your Free Marketeering Foo is, uh, you know the Growth Excuse for your Yellow Elephant...

Hey kids, would this be a great time to extol how marvelous life has been since they privatized social security.
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