drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Thot Experiment

Can anyone remember what were the reasons put forth for restoring the wetlands of Iraq, and have they been accomplished?

If they have been accomplished, then would returning the troops be an indication that the mission is accomplished?

If they have not been accomplished can the Troops Be Removed?

Was the so called "Iraq War" ONLY the time up to the Mission Accomplished Dance? Or does it also include the current ongoing casualty creation process?

Try to remember that some of us are tall enough to remember when the South East Asian Games were about protecting the west coast from the growing threat of Iranian Flying Saucers, and how Ho Chi Mihn, even after he was dead, would lead a Battle Fleet of Iranian Flying Saucers and destroy our white christian america.

Or do americans want to really re-visit those discussions as a part of resolving the Whole Karl Rove Draft Dodger Kultur...

And show some clear and compelling argument that the problem of the Falling Dominoes was NOT an argument about the Horrors of Ho Chi Mihn Manned Iranian Flying Saucers?
Tags: ugly_thot, war

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