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force multiplier what?

Ok, now help me out here folks, why oh why are there folks like Bill Whittle trying to pimp us some sort of story about how the something of stuff is not getting the correct coverage from Red Hollywood about the like a war stuff over in those over seas places, because, uh, draft dodger twaddle like Bill Whittle understood that it was more important to remain in America pimping themselves as product, rather than get in the unpleasantry, and forced for follow their own rhetorical devices to their own alledged logical conclusion.

OR is that really the problem here in america?
Tbogg comments:
Rollover Bulwer-Lytton and tell Tom Clancy the news.... I assume that the movie Whittle is referring to is (speaking of ham) 300, and, if I remember correctly... they all die, which is a funny way to go about "winning on the battlefield".

But then I 'm not a pharmacist in Des Moines, so what the hell do I know?
{ citing the rebuttal found at Stupidest Man Alive Nomination: Bill Whittle ]
Now do not get me wrong here.

I am not upset that this Whittle Guy supports Gay Pron. Or that he is Hidding in the rear with the bear. It's that he wants to sell me something he is not willing to be actively involved in!!!

I mean, hello!!! GAY PRON IS NOT AMERICAN MILITARY HISTORY!!! It is a remake of a graphic novel!

Maybe the problem for this Whittle Guy is that he no longer lives in an EVIL AMERICA where there was room for Jimmy Stewart doing "It is a wonderful life" - which he did AFTER being Brig. Gen Stewart, running bombers, and not rhetorical devices!!! Back when AMERICANS would have been MORE upset at the idea that anyone on the payroll of the American government was supporting Torture....

But then again, maybe BillyBoy just gets off on Torture and his 300 Gay Pron, because, well, he can not get it into his head to sort out which is the Position He PLANS to actually live out!!!

Ah yes... if only we lived in those happier times of FDR, when americans supported an appropriate Keynesian Economic Model, and it was not all about graft, greed and moral corruption....

So click on through, if you have the time and scope out Tbogg's take.

For me, it is just one more FAILED Karl Roverian Draft Dodger trying to cope with his Guilt!!! He could have been a contender!!! He Could have been an imfamous contract torturer in the ever expanding ever profitable Homeland Security Bubble...
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