drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

RadicalMarketFundamentalist - a working definition

These are the sort of folks who religiously believe in Market Fundamentalism, The Religion. The sort who can read Shock Doctrine and think that it is all one long victory song, since of COURSE everyone supported Generalissimo Pinochete.

The merely Market Fundammentalist on the other hand would of course try to maintain the tradition that there is no sort of correlation between the State Sponsored Terrorism, whether Right Wing under Pinochete, or Right Wing under the Dengist Revisionist Reactionary Capitalist Roaders who brought us Tiananmen Square since of course in the Holy Crusade against Anti-Americanism, one must at times make the hard decisons to support the Freedom of Free Trade in Free Markets, even if that means preventing democracy from falling into the hands of the populace.

But that doesn't mean that Freedom is a bad thing, as long as it is controlled by the Free Trade In Free Markets, at market rates.

From there everything is merely Radical Leftism and More Radical Leftism...
Tags: economics, generic_fear, war

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