drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Is Obama Persecuting Christians Already???

People. Can we get a grip? I know you don't like Rick Warren. He's a bigoted homophobe and an apologist for the Torture State. Giving a guy like that another pulpit and more face time with the panopticon is dangerous business. I get that.

He is, on the other hand, a leadership figure in a large religious movement. Obama is sending an important message by picking him to deliver the invocation: Rick Warren is a preacher, not a political advisor, and the New Rules say that preachers should stick to performing religious services. If Warren were smarter, he'd be refusing the invitation. It's a trap for him and all his dominionist screwhead followers.

[ cf s9: The Inaugural Invocation Kerfuffle... ]

A black LBJ from the fifties is going to return the HORROR of stopping True Christians, as LBJ did, with his brutal assault on Christians, by saying that it was not gooder to Preach Against LBJ from the Pulpit. Granted in the fifties this was against the right wing of Xtianity, and in the 60's the anti-war types were not always on the right wing...

So IS this not only a trap for Rick Warren but PROOF that Obama is persecuting Christians!!!

h/t to to the godless unbelievers at MojoWire for once again Unmasking the Radical Left Wingers....
Tags: generic_fear, religion

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