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Army Adopts Viral Marketting Programme

Hey kids, remember how many american troopers have died in thatIraqiThingiePoohWithAfghanistuff?

Well the army has once again lead the way in viral marketting:
The U.S. Army apologized on Wednesday for sending 7,000 letters addressed to "Dear John Doe" to the relatives of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The letters, printed by a contractor and mailed in December, were intended to inform family members about private organizations that offer assistance to those who have lost relatives in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

The Army said the letters should have contained specific salutations and addresses, instead of the anonymous greeting. It blamed a printing error for the mix-up.

[ cf Army apologizes for "Dear John Doe" letters ]
Now not only does everyone KNOW that there are that many KIA's.

But we all know that the DOD is out sourcing the problem to the private sector!!!

You know,
From the wonderful people who brought you the financial market melt down.
Now you can get the sort of support you need for that KIA....
Ah yes, the marvels of the modern Kulture...
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