drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Bush Doctrine On Torture Revealed...

George W. Bush:
Think Progress: BUSH; Well, I have obviously made a decision to make sure the economy doesn’t collapse. I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system. I think when people review what’s taken place in the last six months, uh, and put it all in one, in one, (sigh), you know, in one package, they’re realize how significantly we have moved...
Or realize how wrong Bush and his sycophants were in the first place.

If adhering to free market principles leads to an economic collapse, perhaps free market principles aren't a good idea? The old-style Keynesians had a name for something that was a good idea: the mixed economy.

Stupidest man alive.

[ cf A Word from the Soon to Be Ex-President ]
Any Questions.

No seriously.

If you can jump ship on one's Religious Belief in free market principles, when things go against those beliefs, why should there be any emotional issue with advocating torturing anyone anytime one wants, and then wrapping it all up in one's Deeply Religious Commitment to Free market Principles.
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