drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Wholly Offering Aid And Comfort To The Enemy Flying Rodent PerKin

Are YOU as shocked as I am that there are these Pro-Al-Qaeda Terrorist Cliques in Congress who Openly Oppose the President on the President's Policy for the completion of the creation of a second class citizenry in the USofA so that we can have a two tier track on how to ignore the rights of human beings!
( also referred to at times as the Final Solution for the Immigration Process - but let us be reasonable, in light of the recent plea bargaining done in GitMo, where a person would be allowed to be released from GitMo IF they renounced their claim to American Citizenship - we understand that with the cannonization of the Gast Arbitor Class we can formalize the process of allowing Anti-State Terrorist Elements out of the State Security Apparatus Close Protective Custody and into the National Gast Arbitor Protective Custody Facilities, with fewer whinings from the Evil Liberals who still want to lean on the Failed Ideological Dogma that the US Constitution, that Failed Pre-911 Dogma, is still operable in the Post-911 Realpolitik! )
Don't Those EVIL RINO's Get IT?

They can either Support the President Or The Are Aligned With SATAN!!!

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