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As alleged in the superseding indictment, Enron issued a press release on May 15, 2000, announcing the acquisition of Warpspeed Communications. According to the plea agreement, the press release falsely represented the status of the BOS and implied that it was already embedded and functioning as a part of Enron’s network; in particular, the press release stated that the BOS “allows application developers to dynamically provision bandwidth on demand for the end-to-end quality of service necessary to deliver broadband content.” The plea agreement states that Hirko reviewed and approved this language even though he knew it contained material inaccurate representations of the BOS’s status. Hirko admitted that he knew the BOS was under development throughout his employment at Enron, was never embedded on Enron’s network and could not dynamically provide bandwidth on demand or provide for the end-to-end quality of service necessary to deliver broadband content. According to the plea agreement, Hirko’s approval of this press release, as well as other press releases, assisted in maintaining Enron’s overall stock price, thereby improperly increasing the value of Hirko’s holdings of Enron stock
[ cf Grmf ]
Ah yes, those were the fun days, back before they beceame unindicted co-conspirator number three - and were all the rage in the Fourth Branch of Governments special meetings about which parts of Iraq would need to be upgraded after liberation...

Ah yes, the glorious fun of the acquisition of Warpspeed Communications by the MOST inovative Corporation, EVER!

What clearer proof that we MUST have Permenante Capital Gains Tax Cuts to prevent these types of GAY HomoZeXual Marriage AgendanistaIsms deffacing the Fourth Branch of Government, and the Governor of the Great State of Enron!!!
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